Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stresses of the move

There are a few problems with having to move cross-country. One of the biggest is the fact that I have to sell the vast majority of my items so that I can move my stuff via post. The stuff I refuse to sell (my retro computing stuff) will be put in my mother's shed until I can afford to have them shipped. All I'm going to have shipped (for now) is my PC (with all of the stuff included with it, naturally), several books, a bunch of movies and other stuff on DVD, and, of course, my clothing, laptop, and other stuff I can put in my luggage.

The fact that I won't see most of my belongings, as well as being away from my family for so long, is definitely weighing on my mind pretty heavily. I've been putting off the packing for so long, but I'm going to have to start some time...

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