Monday, March 28, 2011

Concerns & Worries

So, I'm going to go and try my best to go and see my girlfriend. For real, this time. But why do I feel so worried about it?

She's a truly wonderful person, and she is currently the only thing really holding me together, keeping me away from having a full-blown nervous breakdown over everything, but I just can't stop feeling like this will end terribly for both of us, that my problems will be too much for her to handle, or that I would accidentally say the wrong thing, and make her upset at me. I do that too often, and I'm worried that the next time will be last.

I guess these are just normal worries which everyone and their cousin have, but they, and a few others which I am almost afraid to admit, will actually happen.

Perhaps this is what drives some people to drink... Not that I will, of course.

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